Our journey begins in a faraway landscape, one that is within our homes and hearts. Born out of lockdown home adventures and maker sessions, Ambient Landscapes is an analog light instrument that re-creates eternal and magical moment of watching a sunset. During a time where we were confined to our little apartment we dreamt of nature and of being in landscapes that stretch infinitely over the horizon with colors that fill your body with a sense of serene wonderment. Not knowing when we would see our next sunset, we tried to create the experience of watching a sunset within our home.
Each iteration, each design we made was a unique sunset landscape - that is the beauty of working with light. It’s never the same twice. We would share memories of the places the colorful projections reminded us. The vibrant gradient schemes took us back to 'exotic' landscapes we once visited and pondered with dreamy eyes. Sulking in the moments as time became slower than usual. We wanted to bring home those landscapes, magnificent sights, and the sublime feeling of nature we encountered. It was our remedy, I hope it will be yours.
Some Landscapes we encountered along the process
We 3D scanned stones using a custom motorized turntable to ensure we get the high quality scans. Using these scans, next step is to 3D print or CNC base parts that secure the rock in its place (rather than drilling it).
The lamp is designed using a combination of Fusion 360, C4d, Grasshopper Rhino for simulating the light patterns and built 3D printed for quick prototyping at home. 
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