I’m an interactive media artistarchitectural designer and creative technologist based in London. Working at the intersection of art, architecture, design and creative technology, I create non-trivial perceptual experiences and installations that challenge our constructed realities to evoke senses of awe and wonder. My research investigates ways in which technology can challenge and reconfigure our perceptive apparatuses to negotiate the affective, situated and bodily underpinnings of vision and perception. Some of my recent works have been exhibited at the Barbican Centre, Ars Electronica, Ugly Duck, Istanbul Airport among other places.
I joined the Interactive Architecture Lab at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL in 2018 where I completed my masters degree with Distinction and have been awarded the best Thesis Award. Prior to moving to London to join the lab, I worked as an architectural designer in San Francisco. Coming from a multidisciplinary background, I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree with Honours (Cum Laude) in Art History and Architectural Studies from Tufts University in Boston. 
Fascinated by the animacy of objects, you can find me thinkering with linkages and playing with robots to create evocative behaviours and kinematic expressions or reading about predictive brains, extended mind, embodied cognition theories. 

Exhibitions & Awards 
Somerset House, Makerversity Under 25 Programme
Bang Prix. Curious Minds of 2020 Award
Bang Prix. 2020 Programme
Istanbul International Airport, Genetic Codes of Design, 2020  
Ars Electronica, Out of the Box, 2019 
Barbican Centre, AI More Than Human Innovation Hub, 2019
Bartlett 15, UCL, 2019
Ugly Duck, Anamorphic Waves, 2019 
Grow Hackney, Sense 4: Perception, 2019
Here East UCL, Exquisite Instruments, 2019

 Installation photo from Monozygotic by Reuben Jacobs and Quy Phung Kelly Ta
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