Archives of Vision is an interactive installation that explores ways of seeing as a performative act of understanding space and constructing meaning. The installation is comprised of three parts - the first explores the tracking of the gaze as a device for spatial composition; the second re- enacts the path of the observer’s eyes through the motion of a robotic creature; the third archives these recordings into a network of situated compositions, revealing the space as seen by a collection of human eyes and robotic creatures. 

Robotic Art Installation
Custom manufactured steel body, custom software, servo motors, electronics, microcontroller, eye tracker

Currently on view - Istanbul Airport, Genetic Codes of Design Exhibition,  2020 - 2021
Ugly Duck, Private Showcase, 2019

Awarded: "Curious Minds of 2020" by Bang. Prix
Stage 1: 
Observer's eye position is visualized in space using the Peper's Ghost technique. Creating a cybernetic loop of looking at looking, the observer becomes conscious of her own eye.
An analogue hologram of the observer's "gaze pattern" forms, projecting the eye movements of an observer into the space of observation.
Stage 2: 
After collecting observer's eye movement data, a custom human scale robot is placed at the same point to re-enact where the observer has been looking at. The observer can take a step back and observe the robot as it traces her eye path seeing herself see through the eyes of a robot.
Stage 3: Archive
Digital and physical collection of archived spaces embodying how each observer traversed the space with their eyes. 
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