In this exploration one's own eye movements and patterns are opened to her perception as they function to compose spaces of an image. Through transforming eye movements into objects of the temporal technical gaze (with cartesian coordinates), the experiment investigates the natural and at the same time wondrous act of seeing by applying a second-order cybernetic logic: recursively looking at looking.  Feeding digital images of art works to an observer, the eye creates a networks of relationships, leaving its mark as it travels, exposing how color, composition, human figures and directionality of the gaze shapes our ways of seeing. Our sight does not embrace and internalize the world as a projected image at once, it focuses on chosen fragments. Only after jumping around from one detail to another our brain starts shaping the general picture. Vision reveals itself as a situated and subjective activity of exploration similar to navigation.

Interactive Visual Experience
Custom software, monitor, eye tracker​​​​​​​
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