Bayes Bayes Valley is a large-scale video installation that  investigates the intricate connections between human intelligence, perception, and the impact of prior landscape experiences on shaping our comprehension of digital worlds. Employing the Bayesian mind framework and predictive processing theory, the study aims to unravel the cognitive mechanisms that govern how individuals perceive themselves within environments generated by artificial intelligence. By examining the cognitive landscapes rooted in both physical and digital realms, the research seeks to shed light on the evolving narrative of human self-awareness and intelligence. The synthesis of advanced physics simulations and theoretical frameworks hope to offer novel insights into the complex relationships between human cognition, landscapes, and the transformative influence of intelligent systems on our self-perception.

4K, still frames + digital simulations 

Exhibited: 2-5 June 2023, Istanbul Digital Arts Festival (IDAF) at Ataturk Cultural Centre (Ataturk Kultur Merkezi, AKM), Istanbul, Turkey
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