Bayes Valley is a large-scale video installation that simulates the passage of time through a series of ethereal, luminous landscapes and earthly processes. The viewer is immersed in an ever-changing world, where hills rise and fall, river beds of particles undulate and flow - culminating in a radiant vista that is at once familiar and otherworldly.

During the piece, you are encouraged to reflect on your own perception and how you make sense of the information as you observe yourself seeing. Set within the context of predictive processing and Bayesian mind frameworks, the piece hopes to offer you a deeper appreciation of the natural processes that shape our environments and simultaneously our minds and extend a new understanding of the delicate interplay between perception, prediction, and reality.

4K, still frames + digital simulations 

Exhibited: 2-5 June 2023, Istanbul Digital Arts Festival (IDAF) at Ataturk Cultural Centre (Ataturk Kultur Merkezi, AKM), Istanbul, Turkey
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