Your Eye's Motion by LUNA i​s an exploration of human perception through robotic motion. The installation tracks the position of your eye and the direction of gaze as an input for controlling a small robotic arm situated inside an enclosed environment. The gaze of the viewer is mapped on the range of motion of the robotic arm to create an extension of the eye and take the body to places it cannot access otherwise (similar to an optical device). Building on post-cognitivist thought, our approach favors a view of perception as an ongoing exploration and explores visual agency.  Exhibited at:  Ugly Duck, Anamorphic Waves, 2019  Grow Hackney, Sense 4: Perception, 2019

Robotic Art Installation
Custom manufactured aluminum kinetic robot, custom software, servo motors, electronics, computer, dichroic viewing instrument, eye tracker
Ugly Duck, Anamorphic Waves, 2019
Grow Hackney, Sense 4: Perception, 2019
UCL Project Fair,  2019​​​​​​​
Luna is a small robot that follows your eyes. 
She is situated inside a wondrous environment. 
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